CloudCoin™ Software and Instructional Resources.

In order to take ownership of your coins, you must get new verification keys for them.
This requires software to contact the RAIDA™ and change them. This software can be downloaded from the links below.

CloudCoin is upgrading to version 2.0. The old CloudCoin is now called Legacy CloudCoin, and the new one is simply called CloudCoin.

After five years of research and development, the CloudCoin Consortium is upgrading the RAIDA Technology to make it better in every way. However, legacy CloudCoin is not going away any time soon. You may convert your Legacy coins to new CloudCoin any time you like.

Windows Downloads for Legacy CloudCoin


A new Android app is being tested and will be publicly available soon.

Mac for Legacy CloudCoin

For MacOS 10.15 and higher, you will need the .Jar version.


Apple does not allow our application to be on their phone. Therefore this web page is the best we can do:

Detect Authenticity Pown (Password Own)