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Thank you for choosing CloudCoin! In traditional monetary systems, the people who "have" the money own it. With CloudCoins, the people that "know" the money own it. CloudCoins use a new technology called RAIDA that does what Bitcoin's Blockchain does, only much better. And you are one of the first people in history to use it!

In order to own these coins you must pown (password-own) and change all the internal authenticity numbers.

This requires software to contact the RAIDA and change them. This software can be downloaded from the links below. Please keep in mind that the software is provided as-is with all faults, defects and errors, and without warranty of any kind. Free from the CloudCoin Consortium.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Exchanges are coming soon. Your programs and websites can now accept CloudCoins with our CloudBank software.

If you accidently destroy or lose your CloudCoins, they can be recovered in two years. Send your serial numbers and the month lost to Lost Coins. You will need to reauthenticate your CloudCoins once every two years so the RAIDA administrators don't think they are lost.

If you have any problems or have any questions, please email support: [email protected] or call our phone number at the bottom of this page.

The Newest Software

Detect Coins without Downloading Software

Pown (Password Own)

Detect if coins are authentic without powning

Simple Detect

Windows Consumer's Edition

Instruction Video


Download The Windows Consumer's Edition

Windows Apps

Founders Edition V2 for Win7, Win8.1 and Win10. (Released September 1, 2018)
This is the first software provided by the CloudCoin Consortium that has been professionaly tested. This is a console program that includes Multi-Detect. Multi-Detect makes the program 200 times faster at powning than previous editions of Founders.
See HandBook

Pro USB Edition (Released September 21, 2017)
This one can be put on your USB drive and taken off line. No installer so no evidence of any CloudCoin use on your computer. It will run slower off the USB drive.
See HandBook

Consumer's Edition (Released November 10, 2017)
This is the first CloudCoin powning (password owning) software to include Multi-Detect. Multi-Detect makes Consumer Edition 200 times faster at powning than other editions. This has a nice looking graphical user interface.
See HandBook

Android Apps

Pocket Bank
This is the only app that allows you to email CloudCoin directly from the application.
See HandBook

Mac Apps

CloudCoin Consumers Edition for Mac (Released March 16, 2018)
This has the same functionality as Founders except it has an installer that makes it easier to use. Good for non-techies who don't like the console interface. It also includes a file picker that makes file management easier.
See HandBook

CloudCoin Founders Edition for Mac (Released September 21, 2017)
CloudCoin Founders is a console application that is portable and can be stored on USB drives. Files are stored in plaintext and should be encrypted by the user to protect from theft. NOTE: If the program fails to start you may need to upgrade your operating system: How to upgrade to Sierra
See HandBook

iPhone Apps

Apple does not allow our application to be on their phone. Therefor this web page is the best we can do: Pown (Password Own) However, you can use the Web Safe. But do not use Web Safe for large amounts of CloudCoins.

Browser Apps

Web Safe
(Released September 5, 2017) Please do not use this if you are going to have more than 100 notes. This can be a confusing application to use. It does not store your CloudCoins on the Internet but in your local browser cache. This means you must use the same browser every time and make sure you go to the exact website. This is the only application we have the works on iPhone. This is the only application we have the has the "Store-In-Mind" feature.

Linux Apps

CloudCoin Founders Edition for Linux (Released September 5, 2017) CloudCoin Founders is a console application that is portable and can be stored on USB drives. Files are stored in plaintext and should be encrypted by the user to protect from theft.
See HandBook

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