Selling/Exchanging CloudCoin

CloudCoin is just now releasing software that allows it to be on Exchanges and merchant websites. CloudCoin is on two peer to peer exchanges and is scheduled to be on many more once the CloudCoin Consortium forms a non profit organization in Switzerland. With the Bitshares Exchange, it is best to convert small sums to and from CloudCoin (under 100,000) per conversion. We expect to have the new stable "Depository" software by then end of May 2020.

Exchanges That Include CloudCoin


Convert your CloudCoins to Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens

Please visit Sell.CloudCoin.Global

Buy CloudCoin on the Bitshares exchange

You may buy Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens on the Bitshares exchange by submitting buy orders. Once you obtain Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens, you can turn them into real CloudCoins.

  1. Open a free encrypted email account at so you can securily receive your CloudCoins.
  2. Make sure you put your Protonmail email account in the memo and send your Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens to the bitshares account called "cloudcoin"
  3. If you forget to put the memo, email [email protected] and explain the situation.
  4. Orders are handled one time each business day. You will recieve your CloudCoins in the email that you have provided.

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