CloudCoins can be sold on If you wish to sell your CloudCoins on, you cannot be a US or Japanese Citizen. You will first need to trade your CloudCoins for CCE (CloudCoin Ethereum). This can be done at You will need to have an Ethereum wallet with some Ethereum in it. Then you can register at and trade your CCE for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USTD or Bitcoin Cash. Be aware that trading within the Ethereum network will have additional fees.

Convert your CloudCoins to CloudCoin Ethereum Tokens

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Or watch our Video Instructions here.

Convert your Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens to CloudCoin

We have stopped supporting the Bitshares exchange due to the complicated factors including the death of a programmer. People can still turn their Bitshares CloudCoin Tokens into real CloudCoin by sending your Tokens to "CLOUDCOIN" Bitshares account. Then send an email to [email protected] and telling them that you have sent your tokens. It is preferred if you can sent your Skywallet address or ProtonMail address to CloudCoinHelp.