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Press Release: Next-Gen currency CloudCoin to join BitShares exchange

Press Release: Next-Gen currency CloudCoin to join BitShares exchange

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CHICO, Calif., May 17, 2018 — CloudCoin, a revolutionary non-blockchain, non-crypto digital currency will soon trade via BitShares, the world’s most advanced decentralized currency exchange.

The BitShares exchange (https://bitshares.org) already allows for trading of U.S. dollars, Chinese renminbi, bitcoins and others, most recently adding gold to become the only decentralized digital exchange for gold trading.

“BitShares is on the cutting edge of exchange technology and adding CloudCoin sharpens that edge,” Bitshares founder and former NASA scientist Stan Larimer said.

“BitShares is the best exchange for CloudCoin because it offers the greatest degree of freedom to its users,” CloudCoin Founder Sean Worthington said, “Soon people will be able to exchange CloudCoins for bitcoins, dollars and even gold.”

CloudCoin (http://cloudcoin.global) is the world’s most private digital currency because it does not require user accounts or passwords. CloudCoins instead have embedded authenticity information allowing them to be checked for counterfeit during transactions.

Unlike cryptocurrencies that depend on a public ledger, CloudCoin uses a system rooted in DNS (Domain Name System) technology, which has globally never failed since its inception in 1985.

CloudCoin uses the patent-pending RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) platform to verify authenticity and establish ownership of each CloudCoin note. RAIDA and CloudCoins are designed to be “nuke-proof;” not even nuclear war could disrupt the system.

No transaction is ever recorded to a blockchain. CloudCoins don’t require encryption, unlike blockchain currencies, therefore are truly quantum-safe.

“CloudCoin’s RAIDA is only the second technology in history to solve the “Physical Integrity Problem” of digital money, the first being blockchain,” Worthington, author of Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency, said.

Implementation of CloudCoin trading on BitShares is expected to be complete within seven weeks. People wanting to acquire CloudCoin before they become publicly-traded can visit the

CloudCoin Consortium’s peer-to-peer exchange at https://cloudcoin.exchange .

Other uses of CloudCoin’s RAIDA technology are licensed exclusively to RAIDAQ, Inc. (http://raidaq.com), which is challenging existing players in the blockchain space with postblockchain, next-generation applications.

About CloudCoin: CloudCoin is a global digital currency that cannot be counterfeited, doublespent, mined or lost. It is not a cryptocurrency, it’s the world’s first cloud-based currency.

CloudCoin is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is ethical and requires no special software or downloads.

About BitShares: BitShares is a technology supported by next-generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with a common interest in finding free market solutions by leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making.

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