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CloudCoin is not a Security

CloudCoin is not a Security

by admin

We are almost eleven months into the CloudCoin experiment and it has been a great success. We can see that there are on average close to 5,000 transactions every day and growing. These transactions happen completely anonymously and within seconds. This next year promises huge advances CloudCoin use throughout the world.

However, there is at least one person, or small group of people (mostly Italians) who somehow got the idea that CloudCoin was a security. They believed that CloudCoin was run by a company and the owner is Sean Worthington. They bought CloudCoins as an investment and are angry because they were unable to sell their CloudCoin for a profit on an exchange. They call CloudCoin a scam and its inventor a clown.

CloudCoin is not a security. There is no CloudCoin company. It is not the job of the CloudCoin Consortium to increase CloudCoin’s value. There is no rule that says CloudCoin must be on an exchange or be marketed. The CloudCoin Consortium is here to advance liberty, not your pocket book. We don’t know when — or if — there will be an exchange. We hope there will be one soon but we are not in the exchange business and depend on other people for this. Sean Worthington is a computer scientist who invented a new technology. The CloudCoin Consortium are Libertarians who supports that technology. If Sean Worthington drops dead tomorrow, CloudCoin keeps going. If every member of the CloudCoin Consortium disappears from the earth tomorrow, CloudCoin keeps going. CloudCoin is not a security! It is real money! And it is here to stay.

CloudCoin is going to change the world because it is the most perfect currency ever created. It will go up in value if our hypothesis is true. But don’t come crying to Sean Worthington or anyone in the Consortium if the value does not go up. As a member of the CloudCoin community, and an owner of CloudCoin, it is your responsibility to make CloudCoins successful too.

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  • Dillon
    February 24, 2018

    Yes, I emphatically support CC as the world’s perfect currency and I agree that as Voluntarists we must take responsibility AWAY from government and away from central banks.

    How do we do that? Do not support government by “volunteering” to permit government to steal the fruit of our hard work exactly as warlords, kings, mafia and other criminal organizations have stolen money from the people for hundreds of years.

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